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Discover the multifaceted benefits of vitamin therapy, a cornerstone of modern wellness practices designed to optimize health and vitality. By infusing essential vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, vitamin therapy ensures rapid and efficient absorption, bypassing potential digestive limitations. The result is a potent boost to overall well-being, with benefits extending to improved energy levels, enhanced mental clarity, and heightened physical performance. Additionally, vitamin therapies have been shown to support the body’s natural detoxification processes, aiding in the removal of harmful toxins and promoting cellular rejuvenation. Easily accessible for in clinic, these vitamin therapies provide a versatile and effective solution for individuals looking to take proactive control of their health.


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Beyond the conventional narratives, these treatments redefine our approach to health, providing an array of practical benefits that resonate with our daily lives. The Immune Boost IV or Injection, with its infusion of vitamin C, vitamin B complex, and zinc, acts as a proactive shield against seasonal illnesses, fortifying the immune system and empowering the body to combat threats effectively. In the Hydrate IV, 1000ml of fluids enriched with vitamin C, vitamin B complex, and a mineral blend serve as a pragmatic solution to rehydrate and recalibrate the system, promoting a sustained sense of vitality. The NAD+ IV or Injection, a comprehensive 1000ml infusion, takes a deeper dive into metabolic enhancement, energy elevation, and overall cellular revitalization. 

Its proven benefits extend to improved memory, cognitive functions, sleep quality, and mental health, offering a tangible boost to overall performance. The Lipostat Plus vitamin blend, available both as à la carte injections and monthly packages, focuses on metabolism, energy amplification, and general system support, fostering a realistic and sustained approach to well-being. For targeted benefits, à la carte options like Vitamin B12 Injections and Glutathione bring specific advantages, from immune system support and reduced inflammation to enhanced skin vitality. The Immune Boost Injection, featuring a blend of zinc, glutathione, and vitamin C, emerges as a versatile solution to prime the immune system, ensuring resilience against various challenges. Book in with our licenced professionals to find out which therapies can enhance your life today.

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How It Works

Lipostat Plus

A vitamin blend that is geared towards boosting metabolism, increasing energy, and supporting the system so that you can look and feel your best. Given as à la carte injections or purchased as a package.

Individual: $55.00

Single Monthly package 1 per week: $200.00

Monthly package 2 per week: $375.00

Hydrate IV

1000ml of fluids infused with vitamin c, vitamin b complex, and a mineral blend to help rehydrate and recalibrate your system.


NAD+ IV or Injection

 the most comprehensive 1000ml infusion available. this infusion is geared at boosting metabolism, energy and overall cell and body functioning. NAD+ has been proven to improve memory, cognitive functioning, sleep quality, and mental health and overall performance. additionally it helps filter toxins from the system. 
NAD+ can be given as an IM injection without the fluids as well.


Immune Boost IV

 1000ml of fluids infused with vitamin c, vitamin b complex, and zinc to boost your immune system and fight off this season’s worst bugs. 
Can be given as an IM injection without the fluids.


 Immune Boost Injection

Blend of the essentials – zinc, glutathione, vitamin c – to boost your immune system and get you ready to take on the world.

 Single injection: $50.00

Five pack (save $25): $225.00

Ten pack (save $50): $450.00

Vitamin B12 Injection

A B12 injection provides a direct and rapid boost of vitamin B12, essential for energy metabolism, red blood cell production, and a healthy nervous system. This targeted approach ensures efficient absorption, making it an effective solution for addressing deficiencies and promoting overall well-being.

Vitamin B12 Injection: $35.00

B12 package of 5 for: $100.00

B12 package of 10 for: $175.00





 Added to an IV or given solo as an injection, glutathione is great for boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, and promoting skin vitality.

NAD+ can be given as an IM injection without the fluids as well.